Research and Monitoring

Caribou Census: The Alaska Department of Fish and Game completed the 2022 Western Arctic Caribou Herd census in October 2022, with a population estimate of 164,000 animals. This is a net loss of about 24,000 animals from the year before. Biologists are continuing to study how predation, hunting pressure by humans, habitat change, and disease are affecting the decline.

The results of the 2022 ADF&G Western Arctic Caribou Herd Census

CARMA: CircumArctic Rangifer Monitoring and Assessment Network

Rangifer: A scientific journal dealing exclusively with reindeer, caribou and related animals

UAF Large Animal Research Station: research and education on caribou and related animals

UAF Reindeer Research Program: development and promotion of the reindeer industry in Alaska

UAF Project Jukebox: Project Jukebox is the digital branch of the Oral History Program and provides access to audio and video recordings, transcripts, maps, historic photographs and films from across Alaska

Caribou Vital Signs: general information regarding research and monitoring