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Caribou Trails Newsletter is news from the Western Arctic Caribou Herd Working Group, which provides information to the public. The newsletter contains information on research efforts, actions related to the Western Arctic Herd (WAH), meeting information, and is a forum for sharing stories from people who live and depend on WAH caribou.

Caribou Trails 2017

  • 2017 Correction notes from the editor*
    • See below for the complete range development project update map, found on page 9 (2017 Caribou Trails). WAH_Developments_map_02

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Caribou Trails 2012

  • *2012 Correction notes from the editor*
    • The photo of the gentleman on page 5 in the caribou skin parka is Nathan Hadley, Sr., not Raymond Hawley. We apologize for the mistake.
    • The protein content of caribou vs. beef was incorrectly quoted in
      “Caribou a Healthy Choice.” For precise nutritional content of wild and commercial meats, visit the ADF&G website.

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